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Our Business

Get a Desktop or Laptop built the way
you want it to be, without all the extra
costs or bundled trial software, that only
takes up space on your pc after the trial
periods have run out.

Want to save some money? Have your
current pc upgraded instead of buying a
whole new system. Have a faster processor
installed, add more memory, install a video
card, or sound card.

Not sure how to install programs? Have us
install them properly and configure them
to make sure your getting your money's

Do you have a pc in your desk at home that
makes more noise than it used to? Have us
clean it inside and out. We'll make sure
all your components are working as good
as they should be. Computers should be
enjoyable and hassle free.

Think you have Viruses, Spyware, or Adware?
We'll get rid of all of them. Keep your
computer safe when paying bills online or
making purchases.

Make your pc stand out from the rest by
having it customized. We'll install custom
cursors, screensavers, wallpapers, etc.
Most places on the net now require you to
install their toolbars for using a custom
cursor or screensaver from their sites.
Not the case with cybercircuits,we'll
customize your pc without all the "junk".

Need someone that knows how to create graphics?
Maybe you have a simple webpage or want
custom business cards unlike any others.
Have an idea but not sure how to make it a
reality? We can help.

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